Tuesday, March 22, 2005



"Man, I haven't been here in forever, but I'm sure you're still lurking (what else do you have besides the internet?) so I figured I'd just drop you a little "heads up" on here and let you know that I stumbled across something online that requires an immediate and harsh retaliation. In other words, you're in for another suprise at work this Friday unless you set things right, bitch. See, even though you've sadly still got the wrong guy (I suspect it's all that weed you smoke that makes you so fuckig stupid and forgetful) up on your old blog, I still don't want you feeling good about yourself and thinking you've won. I don't like you. You're a real smug little fella and I thoroughly enjoyed slapping the smug out of you last time and watching you squirm around and try to save face, so I'm gonna do it all over again. I mean, seriously, did you actually think after all we've been through that I'd actually let a chubby, bloated little punk like you get away with thinking he got the last word? If so, then think again. I think I'm going to continue this little game regardless, but if you do the smart thing you've got a chance. Do not bother replying here, because I don't come here anymore. Don't bother emailing me, because I'm not as stupid as you are and won't fall into any trap. Don't bother asking me not to fuck with your head like this because you're a little dick and you deserve it.

Three days, Jimbo.


Time to kiss the rings, bitch."

-- "Godtown", August 2005